Rustic Craft Picture Wedding Invitation


Can it get any more rustic than our Rustic Craft Picture Wedding Invitation?

What makes our Rustic Craft Picture Invite so rustic?

  1. 250gsm craft card combined with 260gsm white textured card,
  2. Natural rustic twine,
  3. Black print all throughout the invite to keep it very, very rustic,
  4. Black envelope for the invitation
  5. And a small craft envelope for the RSVP


This wedding invite is folded into three sections:

  1. Top: Your names and wedding announcement!,
  2. Middle: Venue and/or Reception address, date and time of the wedding,
  3. Bottom : RSVP and song request,
  4. A black and white picture of the happy couple and
  5. A tag with your initials.

This wedding invitation includes all you can think of! Have a look at all the pictures to find matching items for the Rustic Craft Picture Wedding Invitation collection that can be purchased separately.



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