Main Picture Calendar Wedding Invitation Set With Luggage TagsMain Picture Calendar Wedding Invitation Set With Luggage Tags

Calendar Wedding Invitation Set


Our super cute Calendar Wedding Invitation Set is full of surprises! Do you want to know what you will get for its affordable price?

  1. Calendar card: with your names, date and time,
  2. ‘We’re Tying The Knot!’ card: With your venue and / or reception details,
  3. RSVP card: with your home address, e-mail address and phone numbers,
  4. Wish card: with a honeymoon wish poem (or any other poem of your choice. This card can also be swapped for an info card at no extra cost),
  5. Luggage tag with your black and white picture,
  6. Luggage tag with blank dotted lines so that you can write your wedding guests’ names,
  7. Pink envelope for the invitation set,
  8. Craft small envelope for the RSVP card,
  9. Twine.


Amazing, isn’t it?

If you want any matching stationery for our Calendar Wedding Invitation Set like menu cards, info cards, timelines, place cars, table plans, table numbers or wedding favours, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us!

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