Why are wedding invitations so important? Wedding invites are an essential part of planning your wedding. In other words, they will set the tone of what your guests are to expect on your wedding day. Matching stationery like information cards, menu cards and timelines can also help create excitement and anticipation. With the right design and the right content, you can take your wedding stationery to the next level!

It is important to try to supply as much information as possible to your guests:
Who is getting married?
Now, it might seem a very obvious point but it is important to say who the wedding invitation is coming from. Whether you only want your first names included or first names with last names (You can even add your parents names if they have helped organise or pay for your big day).

When are you getting married?
Don’t forget to put the time of the wedding along with the date. If you are hosting your wedding on a weekday it is important to state this on your wedding invites as most of your guests will assume it will be a weekend. Make sure they save your date and make arrangements if they have to ask for holidays at work!

Where will the wedding be taking place?
It is important to write the full address of the venue/church as some of your guests might not know the location of your wedding. Adding a section for directions on a matching information card will help them get to the location in time without getting lost, specially if the location is tricky to access! An info card is a MUST if you have guests coming in from out of town.

Other important information that can be added to your wedding invite suite:
Nearby Accommodation:
Use this section to explain about any discounts on rooms provided by the hotel that is hosting your wedding. Add another few nearby options to suit all budgets.

Dress Code:
If you are hosting a theme wedding or if you simply don’t want your guests to turn up in shorts and flip flops, make sure you tell them!

Wedding Website
If you have made a wedding website with useful information about your big day don’t forget share it with your guests!

*Super tip: You don’t want a mega long link on your invitation that is too tricky for your guests to properly type into the browser. Use a site like to shorten and customize your link.

So! Now that we have set a few important rules, please go ahead and browse through our collection of wedding invitations and matching stationery and choose your favourite style. Whether you are hosting a rustic, a minimal, an elegant, a classic or a quirky wedding, we are sure you will fall in love with at least one of our designs!