Favour your guests!

Why are wedding favours important at a wedding? Favours are as important as every other part of your wedding. They are a symbol of gratitude that comes from the newly married couple toward those who share one of the most important days of their lives. And let’s be honest, everybody appreciates favours!

Make sure you spend some time choosing the perfect favour for your wedding. You might be on a budget, that’s totally fine and everybody understands that. Weddings can be very expensive. However, this does not mean you won’t be able to afford the perfect wedding favours. I am sure we will be able to put something together for you!

Choose something meaningful: Do not just choose the first thing that jumps at you. Make sure you base your decision on what moves you. It could be something that reminds you of the day you met your other half or something that describes your personality.

Choose something useful: This could be something your guests can use at home as part of their daily routine or a sweet treat!

Carry on with your wedding theme: We can do any colour or design on the luggage tags to ensure they match your wedding theme.

Double up as place cards: Ask us to add each individual name of your guests onto their favour luggage tag for a little extra money to help you save some pennies!

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